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Different Options for Repairing and Resurfacing Concrete Driveways

When it comes to repairing Concrete driveways, there are many options to choose from depending on what you need done. Depending on what caused the damage and the extent of the damage (as well as your budget!) you can decide what you should do, and afford to have done.


Concrete Resurfacing

If your driveway is in rough shape and it has several cracks or if it is scaling, resurfacing may be the best thing for it. Resurfacing is best with a concrete overlay, which might make your driveway look completely different. You can choose a new color or a new pattern to make your driveway look more modern. It can give your a home a face lift and a completely new look.


Slabjacking is a type of repair for driveways that have sank in spots causing holes. It’s usually done by a method of filling the holes with sand, cement or ash to raise the foundation and take the sunken spots out. This is done by pumping the material below the slab and raising the sunken spots.


Concrete Recoloring

After years of sun exposure, exposure to the elements, weather, and the inevitable grease and oil stains that will end up on your driveway, it’s safe to assume that concrete driveways Melbourne is going to need some work to look nice again. The good news is that the concrete’s original color can be brought back to life with a new coat of color based stain or acid. Just be sure to use a good UV paint and sealer to protect the color for years to come.


Concrete Engraving

If you have a lot of cracks or faults in your driveway, you can do a sort of tricky ‘fix-it’ and get the concrete engraved into a certain pattern that looks like the driveway is supposed to have those cracks. The whole driveway can be engraved into a pattern that makes it look sharp.


There are several ways to fix a concrete driveway, whether you need it stained, filled, slab-jacked or resurfaced. You just need to choose the best and the most economical way to get what you want done and look for competitive pricing. Good luck!