Benefits Of Installing Vertical Gardens


Many people choose to install vertical gardens because they lack enough space for horizontal gardens, or want to beautify a bare fence or unattractive wall. These gardens are suitable for a wide variety of plants including perennials, annuals and also edibles. When planning to install a vertical garden in your home, or any other place, it is important to hire a reliable expert with relevant techniques, expertise and state-of-the art designs needed when installing the gardens.


Why is Design Relevant

Experts who install vertical gardens Sydney believe that they deserve similar approach, care and attention as normal traditional gardens. The installers focus on features like color, layers, contrast and texture when forming the gardens. The green feature is not only the property emphasized by the installers, but other features that would improve and enhance the beauty.

vertical-garden-auThe types of plants and designs chosen normally vary depending on specific needs of a client. To generate a beautiful garden, the plants you select must be matched with perfect locations. This will ensure a healthy and functional garden is created. The best experts have a wide variety of plants to choose from, and also trying to identify new species that would improve their designs. You should know that wall designs largely depend on plants that are to be planted. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a wall that will provide favorable conditions for growing your preferred plants.


Irrigating your Vertical Garden

To ensure the plants are growing perfectly on vertical surfaces, they are supposed to be irrigated. The irrigation system is supposed to water your entire garden uniformly. The right irrigation system will ensure your plants are growing perfectly well because moisture is available throughout. The irrigation system can be attached to fertilizer injector to provide additional nutrients to your plants. This is necessary as fertilizer is use to support the growth of your plants and later enhance the beauty of the garden.

Plant Selection

vertical-gardensAccording to the experts, plants with a growth of two to three feet out of the wall should be selected. These plants should be planted at the top in order to provide enough shade underneath. However, shade-tolerant species like ferns should be planted underneath. Besides plant selection, planting design is another vital aspect that determines the appearance of your vertical garden. The experts can advise you on the best species to plant in your garden, and which will provide the beauty, texture and style needed in a wall or fence.


The Need of Hiring an Expert

The process of installing vertical garden on a wall or fence is somehow complex. It involves designing and forming the structure depending on clients’ special needs. The experts have the skills and expertise required to ensure the garden is very perfect as desired. Furthermore, after working for several years, they have gained substantive experience on how to create new designs, and also improve the existing ones. Therefore, if you are planning to install a vertical wall, it is advisable to hire a professional who will cater for all your needs accordingly.